April 21, 2018

Oh Looky

Hello, I'll be posting several blog post with "Oh Looky" in the name.  I haven't been active with this blog for the two main reasons:  I have a sucky internet and good natural lighting is almost inexistent where I live right now so all my photos are crappy.  I'll also be honest, I think I already exhaust all the girly stuff in me (when I started this blog, I really pulled the girly/drag queen in me).

In reality, I'm not really girly and I'm mostly using skincare products just to delay the signs of aging and for my skin not to crack because of dryness.  As for makeup, well it's mostly because of curiosity and the pressure from this world for me to be someone defined by the society.  I mostly wear base makeup now for the SPF purpose and a little bit of lipstick for color.

I still wanted to share all the skincare and makeup that I use but unlike before, my posts will be very short and without swatches and detailed photos.

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July 5, 2017

Everything Too Faced

Oh Hey!  It's been a while...let's just start immediately with my thoughts with some Too Faced products...Game Changer if you ask me for a summary.

Too Faced primed Poreless Skin Smoothening Pressed Powder
I don't like wearing foundation because as soon as I set my foot outside, hulas agad - foundation starts to melt and this one solved that problem.  This finely milled pressed powder can be use as a primer or as a setting powder or both.  It's makes the skin soft, smooth and slightly matte.  It also makes me less sweaty - now I'm on drier side of the skin spectrum so I don't know how will this fair with oil control.

Girlies out their  will like the princessy packaging and the size is perfect to carry around (it's slim) and it has a decent mirror too.  I just don't like the sponge that came with it but I like that there's a compartment for it to hide extra money.  Char! Hindi favorite sponge or small brush.

June 23, 2017

Sephora PH x Too Faced Haul

My heart fluttered when I heard (read) the buzz that a Sephora store will finally open in Manila (if my memory serves me right, Megamall).  I could finally get my hands on brands raved by many youtubers and beauty gurus but at the same time, I'm fearing that my wallet will always be slim and gasping for money (yikes!).

But the buzz is just a buzz and never became an official news.  Imagine the hearts of many Filipino beauty enthusiasts slowly being crushed while waiting for a physical store to materialized.

Luckily Sephora Ph Online store went up and a new hope was born (yipee!).

3 Common Online Shopping Questions
I always get these questions whenever I show my online haul.

  • How do I pay - Credit Card, Paypal, Dragonpay.  Dragonpay consists of over the counter payment via bank or remittance payment center and online/app bank payment.  Weird though, BPI is not available maybe because of the recent incident?  I'm not sure.
  • How many days before the goodies arrived - 5 to 7 days according to the website but I got mine within 5 days- I ordered Monday, got my stuff Friday.
  • Tax? - Nope.  Aramex (courier) delivered my order to my friend's doorstep and voila!  As long as someone can sign and receive the package there will be no problem.